and medical
which is based
on imaging
and 3D printing

What is wrong with me?

As doctors we are fully aware of how hard it is for our patients to understand the magnitude of their diagnosis and to understand all the information they are receiving

1 Too much information

I have plenty of medical material
which I don´t understand.

2 Information 2.0

I have too many external
information resources.

3 Lack of information

I have got lots of doubts.

And now what?

A different clinic where the new information and communication technologies
are the service of the patient.

Medical and Surgical Specialities:


Traumatology & Orthopaedic Surgery


Obstetrics & Gynecology


Maxillofacial & Oral Surgery


What is 3Dopinion offering you?

In our medical appointments we will perform a medical assessment and we will analyze any information or material brought to us. After studying your case we will explain everything to you in the clearest possible way helped by the most advance technology
in medical imaging and 3D printing.

Our target is the communication with the patient, and to reach this understanding
we are looking at three things:

1 Personalized

Personal attention specialized
in each case.

2 Evidence

Objective information and recommendations
based on the available evidence.

3 3D printing

3D printing of medical models as
a communicative tool.

Who are we?

A young multidisciplinary team with experience in the clinic and teaching, who finds the new technologies the perfect tool to offer the best doctor-patient relationship.


At 3Dopinion we only understand collaborative work:
surgeons, radiologists, engineers and designers put together all their knowledge and experience to offer an innovative service to the medical vanguard 3.0.

CEO - Cofounder 3Dopinion
Dr. Rubén Pérez Mañanes, MD-PhD

Medical Director - Cofounder 3Dopinion
Dr. José Antonio Calvo Haro, MD-PhD

& Orthopaedic Surgery

& Oral Surgery

& Gynecology



Graphic Design
& Multimedia

Send us your information

Send us all the material you have, we will analyze and give a response as soon as possible.

Contact us

Please don’t doubt on contacting us to comment on your case.
In 3Dopinion we will be pleased to receive your questions.

When you visit us, you should bring all the medical material you have,
this being crucial to see all the image tests done in the past. After we analyze your information we will give it to our team of specialists to preparea personalized study of your case with your virtual image and 3D printing.

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